3 Things To Do in Kansas City This Spring

April 25, 2018 Taylor

3 Things To Do in Kansas City This Spring


After an extended winter, spring has finally sprung in Kansas City! The best part about spring is the new adventures to be had in the long-awaited beautiful weather. Kansas City has no limitations on the fun to be had in spring, but here are our 3 favorite things to do!


1. Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden

This 1.5 acre rose garden is one that’s hard to beat! When the roses are blooming it is by far one of the most beautiful scenes in the city. According to the website, there are about 3,000 roses of 150 different varieties contained in the garden. Take an afternoon stroll with your loved ones surrounded by roses this spring!


2. Kansas City Zoo

Spring is one of the best times to visit the Zoo, as it’s before the temperatures get too hot and the animals start hiding in shady spots all day! Take a day to go visit the Zoo and see all of the fantastic creatures that nature has to offer. This year there’s even a new baby giraffe named Dixie!


3. Sporting Kansas City Game

If you haven’t already been to a game, it’s time to go! Even if soccer isn’t necessarily your thing, going to a Sporting KC game is something you shouldn’t miss out on! It’s a different viewing experience than any other sporting event you may have attended in the past. Get yourself out to the pitch while the weather is beautiful and cheer the team to a victory!


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