10 Fictional Characters Favorite Kansas City Hotspots

September 6, 2017 Taylor

10 Fictional Characters Favorite Kansas City Hotspots


Kansas City is becoming a tourist destination for all sorts of people. With the many eclectic places to find in Kansas City, there is something that will please everyone! When these fictional characters come to Kansas City, here are some of the hotspots that they might call their favorites!


Jay Gatsby – Green Lady Lounge

The modern day retelling of a 1920s speakeasy and jazz club, Jay Gatsby, and his crew would feel at home at the Green Lady Lounge. He would revel in the lavishness of the lounge, it would feel reminiscent of the expensive parties that he threw at his Long Island mansion.


Elizabeth Bennet – Prospero’s Books

Elizabeth Bennet is an avid reader and lover of literature. She would enjoy walking through the shelves of Prospero’s Books and smelling the aroma of old books. You might even find her hiding in the corner with her nose buried in a book, expanding her mind with the words of a new author!


Spiderman – Grinders

As a New York City native, your friendly neighbor, Peter Parker, would have a hard time turning down a slice of New York Style Pizza. Grinders Pizza would supply him with the smells and tastes of home!


Batman – Manifesto

Not only does Bruce Wayne have an affinity for fine things, he also spends a lot of his time in a cave. Manifesto combines his love of luxury with a dark underground space. This gorgeous speakeasy is dimly lit by candlelight and serves luxury cocktails in the basement of the Rieger Hotel. Where else would a billionaire playboy superhero who hangs out with bats go?


Forrest Gump – Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Christopher Elbow Chocolates is one of the finest chocolatiers in Kansas City. They offer a large array of chocolates that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. Forrest would be most pleased with their selections because you really never know what you’re going to get!


Sherlock Holmes – Breakout KC

Sherlock Holmes can figure out any case using the most minute details. Can he escape one of the most difficult escape rooms in the city? I know I’d want him on my team when we go to Breakout KC!


Katniss Everdeen – Jaegers Paintball Park

Katniss is all about survival. While her favorite method of survival is using her wits and bow & arrow, she spends time learning about different techniques while preparing for The Hunger Games! While she’s in Kansas City, she’d probably enjoy honing her skills in a less lethal environment. Jaegers Paintball Park is the perfect place for her sense of adventure, without the costly price!


James Bond – The Phoenix

This super spy is all about luxury and class and a good martini, shaken not stirred. The Phoenix offers a beautiful atmosphere and knows how to make a darn good martini! That, along with the selection of smooth jazz, would make for a great experience for a spy on his undercover mission!


Homer Simpson – Donut King

What are the things that come to mind when you think of Homer Simpson? Beer? Yes. But Homer also loves his donuts. Cake donuts to be exact. Where are some of the best cake donuts in the city? Donut King! They better stock up or else Homer might eat their entire days worth of product!


Captain Jean Luc Picard – Le Fou Frog

Although he cherishes his time on the USS Enterprise, Captain Picard also cherishes his memories growing up in France. While he’s in Kansas City, he’ll enjoy a taste of home by visiting Le Fou Frog, some of the finest French food in the city!


This is only a glimpse into the many exciting places our fictional characters could visit! Which Kansas City hotspots do you think these characters should visit? Let us know in the Facebook comments!