5 Quick Tips: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

June 7, 2017 Taylor

Do you have noisy neighbors? Here are 5 quick tips to help deal with them!


Noisy neighbors can be the bane of your existence. They can affect your sleep, peace of mind, and overall existence. Here are some steps that you can take to help with your noisy neighbors!


Soundproof Your Apartment


If you live in an older apartment building, chances are the sounds from your neighbors are seeping in from under the door and through thin walls. Make it harder for sound to get into your apartment by putting something under your doors and on your walls!


Wear Earplugs


If your neighbors are keeping you awake at night, invest in a good pair of earplugs that will help you get a restful night’s sleep!


Talk to Them


Chances are your neighbors might not realize how loud they are being. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly conversation for them to be more cognizant of their noise.


Be Understanding


If your neighbor has a new family member who keeps your up from their crying or a new puppy who whines through the night, try to be understanding! Your neighbor is also going through sleep deprivation. Also don’t be the neighbor who nitpicks for every noise. If it’s 8 PM on a Saturday, as long as it’s not to the point of ridiculousness, let them have their fun.


Talk to Management


This should be used at your last resort. If you have exhausted all other forms of dealing with the noise, it’s probably time to get your property manager involved for the sake of your sanity. They have more options that can help you!


Do you have any tips for dealing with a noisy neighbor? Tells us what they are in the Facebook comments!