5 Unique Kansas City Stores We Love

April 18, 2018 Taylor

5 Unique Kansas City Stores We Love


Kansas Citians are a creative bunch. We as a city are constantly innovating and coming up with new business ventures, art ideas, restaurants. One of our favorite parts about living in Kansas City is the unique variety of stores that we get to choose to spend our time in. Here are 5 of our favorite unique stores in Kansas City!


1 | Made in Kansas City

Made in Kansas City has 3 locations in town. They offer locally sourced items from Kansas City based artists. Walking into Made in Kansas City makes you feel the love for KCMO! | Website


2 | White Light Bookstore and Crystals

One of the two New Age stores on this list, White Light offers an array of crystals, tarot cards, incense, and other New Age items. They also regularly home a cat from KC Pet Project until it is able to find a home of its own! | Website


3 | Hammerpress

Hammerpress offers a variety of hand pressed printed materials. It’s a great place to go to get stationary that can’t be duplicated out of a big box store. With unique prints and patterns, Hammerpress will be having your friends and family asking you where you got your stationery the next time you send out Thank You cards! | Website


4 | Aquarius Bookstore & Vulcan’s Forge

The second New Age store on this list, Aquarius Bookstore and Vulcan’s Forge are two stores in one. With an extensive New Age section that includes similar items to White Light, the real show stopper here is Vulcan’s Forge. This Custom Fine Jewelry store can create one of a kind items that don’t look like anything you’ll see at a traditional jewelry store! | Website


5 | Donna’s Dress Shop

Donna’s Dress Shop is a vintage clothing store in the 39th & Volker district. It offers a variety of new and vintage pieces that are sure to help you stand apart from the crowd! They have a wide selection of quirky prints, chunky jewelry, and fun accessories that are hard to find anywhere else around town! | Website


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