Top 7 Dog Parks in Kansas City

February 21, 2018 Taylor

Top 7 Dog Parks In Kansas City

Top 7 Dog Parks in Kansas City

One potential downside of apartment living for dog owners is the lack of a yard space in which their pets can exercise. Luckily, the Kansas City area has a large number of fabulous dog parks available for dog owners to treat their best friends to a fun day! Here are some of the awesome dog parks available around town:

1. Bar K Lab

The future location will be next to Berkley Riverfront Park, which is a wonderful park just north of the River Market alongside the Missouri River.  The temporary location in the West Bottoms is fantastic for days where it’s too rainy, snowy, hot or cold to go to a traditional dog park. As noted by the name, this dog park doubles as a bar, so feel free to grab a drink as you watch your furry friend have the time of his or her life!


2. West Terrace Dog Park

West Terrace Dog Park in Downtown Kansas City is an affordable members-only dog park. Not only will your dogs have a blast, you’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful view of Downtown, River Market, the Missouri River, and the Downtown Airport!


3. Shawnee Mission Dog Park

One of the largest dog parks in the area, Shawnee Mission Dog Park offers something for every pooch. With wide open space for those who like to play fetch and frisbee, wooded areas for the adventurer, and a beach for the swimmers, your best friend is sure to have a blast!


4. Swope Dog Park

This awesome dog park is divided into two areas – the first is one acre for dogs under 30 pounds and the second is four acres for large dogs to run free. You’ll be able to take your dogs there without the worry of your gentle giant accidentally hurting a tiny pup or your small dog being trampled by the big guys!


5. Penn Valley Dog Park

Penn Valley Dog Park has a similar setup to Swope – a side for the small dogs and a side for the big dogs. The biggest perk of this park is it’s right in the heart of Midtown, perfect for a quick stop for Downtown and Midtown pups to burn some energy.


6. Waggin’ Trail Dog Park

This fun dog park comes complete with agility obstacles! If you’ve ever been curious whether or not your dog would have fun doing agility, it’s time to pay this park a visit! It also has a walking trail, so you can get your exercise in too!


7. Wayside Waifs Bark Park

This members-only dog park is affiliated with the Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter. It not only takes care of the pups, but it also caters to the owners. There’s an indoor space that is heated/air-conditioned (depending on the time of year), so you can remain comfortable while your pup plays!


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