8 Best Pizza Shops in Kansas City

August 2, 2017 Taylor

8 Best Pizza Shops in Kansas City


Kansas City is known for its delicious barbeque, but little do people know we also have a killer offering in pizza. We might not be as well known as New York or Chicago but our offerings will not disappoint!


Check out some of these killer Kansas City pizza shops:


Il Lazzarone Pizza

Il Lazzarone is located off of 4th and Delaware in the River Market. One of the higher end pizza shops on our list, Il Lazzarone offers thin and deliciously flavorful crusts with a combination of mouth-watering ingredients. One of our personal favorites? The Uovo! It has a surprising ingredient – a farm-fresh egg!


Minsky’s Pizza

Minsky’s is a chain of delicious gourmet pizza shops located throughout the Kansas City metro area. This is the epitome of classic Kansas City pizza. Their original crust is what can be described as a “pan” crust, not too thick or thin, and their sauce is slightly sweet with a good seasoning. Try any of their Gourmet Pizzas and you won’t be disappointed!   


Waldo Pizza

Waldo Pizza makes a mean pie, but our favorite thing about them is their inclusivity for all types of foodies! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free, Waldo Pizza has a large variety of pizzas that will fit your need. Never had a vegan pizza before? Try the Vegan Tex Mex on St. Louis Style Thin Crust!



There’s a reason that Grinder’s has been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and Guy’s Big Bite! They make a killer pizza and an, even more, killer calzone! If you’re going there for the pizza, be sure to try the Famous Chili Bomb Pie!



D’Bronx is the closest thing to New York style pizza in Kansas City. Their pizza features thin (but not too crispy) crusts loaded with toppings. This is also one of the few places in Kansas City that you can get the classic spinach & ricotta pizza that is found in pizzerias all over New York City.


Martin City Pizza & Taproom

Martin City Pizza & Taproom offers a wide array of pizzas that will fit the tastes of anyone in your group! As part of the Martin City Brewery, they also have a wide array of house-brewed beers to complete your meal. Their Charcuterie pizza will let you skip the appetizer without skipping the deliciousness of the wide variety of meats on a charcuterie board!



UpDown is one of our favorite places in Kansas City to let out our inner child. While UpDown was already filled to the brim with nostalgia, now you can get your fill of awesome pizza while enjoying your favorite arcade games and classic TV. Be sure to try the Mac & Cheese pizza to continue pleasing your inner child! (What’s better than mac & cheese AND pizza, AMIRITE!?)


Joe’s Pizza by the Slice

If you ask anyone who frequents Westport where the best place for a late night slice is, it’s definitely Joe’s Pizza by the Slice! Right next to Kelly’s Westport Inn, (with a convenient window into Kelly’s) you can grab one of their classic slices anytime between 11:00 AM and 3:00 AM (make sure you put the honey on the pizza!). They also offer specialty pizzas by the pie that are to die for! Our recommendation? The Rocket!


Although we aren’t known for our pizza, Kansas Citians have some pizza shops to be prideful about. Did we miss one of your favs? Don’t keep it to yourself, let us know in the Facebook comments!