Top 3 Apartment Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore

April 20, 2021 LeasingKC

Top 3 Apartment Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Effective apartment marketing not only helps you draw in more renters, it also better equips you to retain the renters you already have. We aren’t saying you should spend tons of money to get the most out of your efforts, but we are saying you should know how to spend your money wisely (you definitely don’t want to throw away cash on nothing!).

As property management marketing experts, our leaders at LeasingKC understand how to effectively grow rental properties. Based on our experience, we have compiled some of the best apartment marketing strategies to benefit small and large companies alike. 

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1. Focus on social media

If you’re not already on social media, then we highly recommend starting your account… yesterday. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is on social media (72% of Americans to be precise), so wouldn’t you want to reach them? Social media allows you to engage with current and prospective renters, build trust, grow brand awareness, and can even help you understand what people look for in rental properties. Plus, social media gives you the chance to highlight monthly specials. Everyone loves to find lease signing deals and other ways to save money, and social media (organic or paid) helps you spread the word to thousands of people! Bottom line: 2021 and beyond is all about the socials.

2. Show off your property

Don’t just talk about how great you are; talk is cheap. In your online listings, make sure you show exactly what people can expect when they sign a lease with you. We’re talking about great photos and videos here, folks. Here’s the thing: people are probably going to look at your photos before coming in for a tour. If you don’t have any, it could for sure be a red flag to renters. Think about it. Wouldn’t you wonder what a complex is trying to hide by not posting photos and videos? 

Also, make sure you’re updating your photos whenever your facility changes. Pictures from 2001 aren’t going to help anyone if your buildings look completely different twenty years later. People love vintage, but sometimes that “vibe” doesn’t always work. 

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3. Invite people for events

Hosting regular events may seem unnecessary, but we promise you it’s not. As a fun apartment marketing strategy, you can invite all of your residents and allow them to bring friends! That way you build a community with the people in your buildings and open the doors to meet prospective renters! Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Summer BBQs/pool parties
  • Karaoke nights
  • Coffee hours
  • Holiday cookie decorating parties
  • Game watch parties

LeasingKC can help you implement your apartment marketing strategies

If you’re in the Kansas City area, let LeasingKC be your bridge between you and your current and future residents. LeasingKC is a rental listing site curated by local experts to help people find Kansas City apartments, rental homes, condos, and lofts. 

Along with operational help, we also provide a variety of cost-effective marketing plans that allow property managers and landlords to maximize their investments. 

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